It is hard to believe that 19 years have now passed since we first set foot on these 120 acres of fields, grove, river and prairie with big dreams of learning to grow healthy food for our family and neighbors without sacrificing the health and stability of our environment. Trees we planted during our first summer on this farm now tower over the banks of the river and their roots, barely visible when we planted them, wind deeply through the soil and hold back erosion when the river rages each spring. With these roots as our example we too have deepened our commitment, with each passing year, to our core values: The profitability of our farm is measured as much by the quality of the water, the health of the soil, and the diversity of its ecosystem, as by the dollars it brings us. As we farm it is our goal to produce agricultural systems that are as stable and diverse as the natural ecosystem they replace while feeding our customers with an ever-increasing variety of tasty and healthy foods.

-Michael Jacobs and Malena Handeen, farmers